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Picked up these great vintage letters today, 2 are 1960’s shop letters from Paris the other two are American channel letters. Soon to be available from

Viviane and 60's letters
French vintage letters
French vintage letters

Vintage Letters
Channel Letters
vintage letters

So we have just got back from our US road trip, one of the highlights from our visit has to be Kramer Junction. A fantastic place in the Mojave Desert at the intersection of U.S. Route 395 and State Route 58 in Southern California. Its an awesome place not just for fantastic vintage signs, but classic cars, ex-military vehicles yep tanks, canons, aircraft, vintage jukeboxes, petrol pumps and whole lot more.

US BORAX Vintage Shop letters

US BORAX Vintage Shop letters - Kramer Junction, California

Vintage Signs at Kramer Junction, California

Vintage Signs at Kramer Junction, California

Vintage Petrol Signs

Vintage Petrol Signs at Kramer Junction

Vintage Oil Cans

Vintage Oil Cans

Flying A Service Sign

Flying A Service Sign at Kramer Junction, California

Vintage Signs

Vintage Signs at Kramer Junction

Abundant Water Darr & Sons Sign

Abundant Water Darr & Sons Car Door

Vintage Signs

Vintage Signs at Kramer Junction

Old Car at Kramer Junction

Old Car at Kramer Junction

Tank at Kramer Junction

Tank at Kramer Junction

Tanker at Kramer Junction

Tanker at Kramer Junction

Vintage Standard Petrol Sign

Vintage Standard Petrol Sign

New Sign collection from Prices from £75 – £125. Click the link to buy

Sign Collection
Vintage Sign
Ampersand Sign
Lucky Sign
Vintage Sign

Create Sign
Art Sign
Arrow SIgn

Sign Writing (Part 2)

This is the second stage with circus style letters on chrome and I’m quite happy with how they turned out. I just need to give them a wipe down to remove the white chinagraph pencil marks. Will follow up next week if with some better photos and an update on the ‘Dodgems’ sign. Let me know what you think, and if you want to purchase one let me know, I wont charge much for these. Thanks

Fairground Letters
Fairground Signs

The finished Results

A unique piece of London Underground history. Orignal double sided London Underground Destination boards.
Board 1: Oakwood/Hounslow/Arnos Grove
Board 2: Circle Line/ Tower Hill 2
Available from £65 each.
London Underground Signage
London Underground Sign
Underground Sign
Underground Sign

An original vintage fairground sign. Copy says ‘Garage the Car – 1 2 or 3 Cars in to Win’. Fantiastic vintage look to it, probably 1950s/60s. Awesome typegraphy that has been hand painted, an almost forgotten skill these days. Has original hooks on the back so ready to hang. Avaliable for £175.
British Fairground Sign
Fairground Sign

Sign Writing (Part 1)

Ok, so this is my first go at sign writing, for now I just laid down the first base coat for a ‘Dodgems’ sign and some circus style letters using some chrome sheets that I bought at a local hardware store. Come back next week to see how I got on with the outlining, (the hard bit!).
1 shot painters tin of paint
Sign Writing 'Dodgems' sign
Fairground Sign
Circus Font Sign
Circus Signs
Circus Font Templates

I just discovered Buchstaben Museum in Berlin, a museum dedicated vintage shop signs, sounds like my kind of place. From looking at their website they have quite a collection of old shop signs. Think we might be booking a trip their next weekend to check it out, can’t wait!
Buchstaben Museum Typeography
Buchstaben Museum White Shop Letters
Old German Shop Signs

Red Vintage Shop Letters

Saw these on a recent google search via ModFruGal, wow what a find! I wish I had some of these…
Red Vintage Shop Letters
Red Vintage Shop Letters

60’s Type Signage

A cool sign I came across on flickr apparently 1960’s from Germany, Love it!

Vintage Shop Signage

Ortopedic showmaker signage

Here are a few more smaller vintage letters and signs from my personal collection on my bookcase.

'Love' Enamelled Shop Letters from an old butchers shop

'Love' Enamelled Shop Letters from an old butchers shop

Vintage Launderette Sign

Vintage Launderette Sign on bookshelf.

Vintage Brass Shop Letter 'R' bought from a vintage shop in London.

Vintage Brass Shop Letter 'R' bought from a vintage shop in London.

Dollar Sign

A ‘Dollar’ Sign I designed using chromed light bulbs. Decorative item only as will need wiring to function as a lamp. Only £195. Click here to buy Dollar Shaped Lamp

A Shocking New Arrival

‘400 Volts ALIVE Keep Out’ Sign. Vintage Electricity Board Sign. Painted type sign on Heavy Metal. Click the photo to buy.Vintage Sign

Cast aluminium ‘Wash’ letters thought to be from a British Barber Shop. About 12 inches long. Available for £130.
Vintage Letters WASH

Ok, not technically a sign. France is officially referred to as the Republique Française, hence the use of the “RF” monogram, as a sort of logo. Made of wood and a bit of age to it, available for £325.
French Tricolor flag shield with RF
Flag Shield from France RF

Very heavy concrete letters in bright yellow. About 11 inches tall. Only £195.
Vintage Letters

Distressed Aluminium Sign. Only £95 Click here for more info
Vintage Style 'East End'

1980’s letter ‘R’. Perspex construction. Available for £275.
Letter 'R' light up sign

Fantastic vintage London Street sign for the iconic fashion market. Made in fibreglass. Available for £195Petticoat Lane Street Sign

A prototype lamp sign we designed in red.
Ampersand Lamp SignVintage Ampersand Sign

Look Away Sign

Another brilliant sign by artist Steve Lambert.

This is a really cool sign by artist Steve Lambert, more here…

An original London sign from our collection, measures a whopping 8 foot! For more launderette signs please visit
Launderette SIgn

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